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CSL Behring Prof. Heimburger Award Global Research Grant – Coagulation

CSL Behring is committed to supporting long-range progress in the area of coagulation. Based on publications and feedback from the medical community, it is important to encourage the next generation of coagulation specialists to medically and scientifically establish themselves, in order to have continued progress in this therapeutic area.

Professor Dr. Norbert Heimburger

Professor Dr. Norbert HeimburgerA CSL Behring employee for over three decades, Professor Dr. Norbert Heimburger devoted his work to blood coagulation. During that time, he characterized and purified a large number of plasma proteins and was instrumental in making these available to the medical community as therapeutic options. One of his major contributions in this area was the development of virus-safe plasma products based on pasteurization.

Due to his determination and his constant interaction with leading hemophilia and coagulation specialists, Behring launched the first effectively virus-inactivated FVIII concentrate in 1981. Honored with the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany in 1991, Professor Dr. Heimburger retired in 1991 but was still very much involved with CSL Behring as a Scientific Advisor until he passed away in September 2006.

CSL Behring named this grant CSL Behring - Prof. Heimburger Award to honor Professor Dr. Heimburger.

Funds Available

No matching funding is a prerequisite for this grant. The grants are available for preclinical and/or clinical research in the area of coagulation.


The grants are targeted at investigators who hold an MD degree and have less than five years faculty experience in hemostasis.

The selection committee will review applications based solely on scientific merit. The grants will be awarded at the CSL Behring-Prof. Heimburger Award Symposium in Marburg, Germany. All winners will be invited to present their supported projects to the Selection Committee. They can also benefit from this global exchange platform for hemostasis among upcoming researchers.


For inquiries regarding applications, policy and procedures information, please contact:

CSL Behring GmbH
Att. Dieter Pluennecke
Commercial Development Coagulation
Emil-von-Behring-Strasse 76
35041 Marburg
T: +49 6421 394191
E-mail: Heimburger.Award@cslbehring.com

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