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The 5 Signs describe the most prominent symptoms resulting from coagulation disorders; however, other symptoms may be present.

Easy bruising with

Hematomas or bruising following injections,
extensive shoulder bruising from schoolbags
and backpacks, large hematomas from
minor injuries

Frequent or prolonged

Spontaneous nosebleeds that either persist
for 10 minutes or require medical attention

Heavy menstrual bleeding

Heavy menses with the need to change a pad,
or a tampon more than hourly, or with clots
greater than an inch in diameter

Prolonged bleeding
following injury, childbirth
or surgery

Prolonged bleeding from minor wounds, lasting more
than five minutes or recurring spontaneously during
the next seven days; or recurring bleeding following
surgical procedures, such as tonsillectomy

Prolonged bleeding/mucous
membrane bleeding during
dental work

Heavy, prolonged, or recurrent intra- or post-dental
extraction bleeding requiring medical attention

Investigate according to your medical Specialty

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