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Treatment of patients with coagulation disorders.

Dental management

  • Both the severity of the coagulation disorder and
    the extent of dental intervention must be
  • Surgical location is important with regard to 17
    - postoperative access to bleeding sites
    - potential airway obstruction following hematoma

In patients with untreated coagulation disorders

  • Minor procedures can cause prolonged bleeding,
    which can delay healing and may prevent
    completion of the procedure, eg, suturing.17
  • Anaesthetic injections are contraindicated due to
    risk of hematoma.16
  • Risk of excessive bleeding after extraction or
    periodontal surgery16; endodontic therapy
    preferred to extraction.
  • Ill-fitting dentures or appliances can cause
    inflammation or ecchymosis.15
If you suspect a coagulation disorder, investigate the patient’s bleeding history.

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